Decorating Shelves in the Nursery

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Start Simple

A simple floating shelf or book ledge will not only make your nursery look more complete, but shelves are a safe choice. There are so many horror stories of bookshelves falling onto kids, or babies trying to climb them and getting hurt. Hanging high and out of reach is the first step to creating a beautiful and safe nursery. 
A long shelf can look complete with only a few items, just be strategic about the placement. 

Symmetrical Placement of Items

Collect items of varying size, shape and texture. Don't be afraid to change the placement until you love it. Take pics, it's much easier to see when you look at a still image. 




Stick With The Same Color Story

If you're using multiple sizes and textures, it's important for your story to look cohesive but simplifying the colors. 


Invest in Keepsakes for Your Baby

Don't just buy a bunch of random stuff from HomeGoods. Invest in some stuff that you know your babe will keep forever.

Make it Personal

Add some name blocks, use your husbands pewter baby shoes, get a canvas print made from your maternity photos, use centerpieces from your wedding. All of the above is exactly what we did to create the shelves in the above picture. 

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