How to Help a Pregnant Mama Manage Through the Pandemic

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Emily Graham

Pregnancy is usually a time when expectant moms want to be around family, enjoy the company of friends, and spend time preparing for a new baby. With the pandemic, though, the more traditional parts of pregnancy – and especially a first pregnancy – may not be possible. For friends and family who are looking for ways to support a pregnant loved one through the pandemic, On Maple Lane has these resources to offer.

Shower Her with Love

Showing that you care and that you’re thinking of the mom-to-be in your life is probably the best way to support her, even during the pandemic. Consider these ideas for keeping in touch and making her feel special.

If she’s far away – or strictly distancing – plan a remote baby shower.

For nearby mom friends, arrange a drive-by party – and wipe down gifts before handing them over.

Help fund virtual doula support for a mom whose birth plans have been upended by COVID restrictions.

Start healthy habits together, like trying out a virtual maternity fitness class.

Prep a Thoughtful Gift

Whether your loved one is having a baby shower or not, preparing a thoughtful gift before her birth day is a sweet gesture. Go beyond the basics of diapers and wipes for a present she’ll cherish – and actually use. Oh, and get a little something for the baby, too.

Choose a few prep-ahead meals and deliver them frozen so mom and her partner are well-fed.

Shop for loungewear so the new mom can relax, comfortably nurse, and rest.

Sign mom (and her tot) up for a subscription box for gifts that continue to arrive at her doorstep after the baby arrives.

Pick cute nursery and baby photo décor that’s customized for the little bundle.

Apply Elbow Grease

Though many pregnant moms prefer to stay home and socially distance, that doesn’t mean you can’t help out around the house. From doing a top-to-bottom clean to assembling baby furniture, loved ones can apply some elbow grease to help prep the home for a little one. Offer to handle one or all of these tasks – while the pregnant mom is out of the house or otherwise safely distanced.

Do a thorough deep-clean (with tot-safe products) to help the new mom nest safely.

Help with assembling the baby’s crib or preparing the nursery.

Offer to assist with chores like gardening, shoveling snow, or anything else involving heavy lifting

Detail the mom-to-be’s vehicle in advance of that big trip to the hospital.

Having a baby is a life-changing milestone, and moms who are experiencing the journey during the pandemic don’t have it easy. But with these resources, you can lend support and help your loved one have a memorable and special pregnancy. Looking for more baby-related advice and inspiration? Visit On Maple Lane for tips, resources, and baby goodies.



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