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Our Favorite Children's Books

Reading has always been a huge part of my life, my mom managed a book store growing up. I want my boys to love books, to love getting lost in stories and to ALWAYS want to learn more about everything. I try to read to them as much as I can. We have fun with it, and accents are usually involved. When the windows are open I imagine my neighbors listening and thinking I'm insane. 


Be silly, let them pick. If they're playing keep reading or don't.

If it's fun for you, it will be fun for them.

Our absolute favorite, I love to make up some new words or growls while reading this. Making the book jump for the frog, hissing for the snake or being silly on the naughty monkey page receive the most giggles. 
This is one of those books that has a really beautiful message. It's a fun read, and some cool illustrations.It really teaches your kids that being different is fine, sucking at something at first is totally okay, you'll figure it out on your own time.
Accents period, the only way to read this one. I'm not an actor, I'm actually not theatrical in any aspect of my life besides reading children's books. It's hysterical, you can't keep a straight face when you're trying to be a British worm. 
An oldie but a goodie. I often just start reciting this book from memory every time my kids refuse to eat something. It's a good trick, they laugh and usually take a bite. 
This one is interactive, so plop those kiddos in your lap and get to giggling. We have the original and we were gifted a personalized version.
Who doesn't love Grover? Everyone enjoys this book, especially Mommy and Daddy trying to sound like Grover and Elmo. 
I know everyone is usually partial to Eric Carle's Brown Bear, but the Zoo Keepers whistle... Sound books can get super annoying, especially when you're two-year-old is pressing "Cat" over and over. But this one isn't. 
Move over Goodnight Moon, this is way more fun to read. It's almost a lullaby with dreamy illustrations. 
I'm sure you remember this one, a long winded account of how a quickly a silent house of napping inhabitants can turn disastrous. 
A favorite for bedtime, we used to borrow this from the library until we bought it. My toddlers love to to ask if the book brushed their teeth and pretend to shut off the light. 
Those are just a few of our first picks and most loved, comment below with some of  your favorites. 
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